Expert Advisory Services

Expert Advisory Services

As India's leading commodity brokerage house, COTTONGURU® provides broking services in a comprehensive and expanding range of commodity markets focussing on cotton, yarn, comber, linter and value added products. Established in 1903, we act as an impartial intermediary, bringing together buyers and sellers from around the world, and providing liquidity in key commodities. With our strong understanding of the commodity markets, we are positioned to provide best Sourcing & Advisory services to our customers.


Sourcing and trading services

  • Publish Fortnightly newsletter on cotton situation covering various parts of India & the World.
  • Various articles in national and international publications.
  • HProvide Expert Advisory Services for Ginners, Textile & Mills mills for domestic and export marketing of Cotton.
  • Helping the smallest farmer for growth and prosperity.
  • Certified Cotton Grader.
  • Textile Technologist and Advisor for Marketing and Management of Textiles.

Supply Chain and Risk Management

Trading in commodity markets is often complicated and risky. You need a strong and sustainable supply chain to help you exploit all the available opportunities. At COTTONGURU®, we pride ourselves on our ability to contribute to effective supply chain management.

With a broad and established network of clients, we can offer you the best prices, as well as the best mix of hedging strategies, customised to suit your needs. With in-depth market insight and expertise, we are well-positioned to assist you in mitigating your risks and maximizing your resources to give you better returns.

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