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The broader objective of the FPO Facilitation Centre is to provide a catalytic platform for FPOs to nurture their objectives, to develop ecosystems for attaining operational efficiencies and enabling them to become self-reliant. 


We provide following services to FPOs through the Facilitation centre:

  1. Bulk purchase of agri-inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, farm equipments, etc.
  2. Access to agri-finance
  3. Expert advisory to enhance yield, improve quality and reduce the cost of cultivation
  4. Awareness about useful Government schemes and subsidies
  5. Marketing and sale of agri products to bulk buyers

Bulk Buying-Selling platform for Cotton & other Agro products- Novel concept of Cottonguru®

This unique concept offers the convenient option of buying and selling of cotton or any agro product on a single platform. We have extremely strong network of over 100,000 farmers and over hundreds of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) who regularly buy and sell on our platform. This provides best opportunity for customers, retailers, agro-tech and agro-input companies who place their inquiries on our vibrant platform.





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