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Cottonguru MahaFPO Federation/ Association of Cotton FPO of India

The broader objective of the FPO Facilitation Centre is to provide a catalytic platform for FPOs to nurture their objectives, to develop ecosystems for attaining operational efficiencies and enabling them to become self-reliant. 

Passion to Mission: 

COTTONGURU®’s passionate journey with farmers started in 2007, the year of maximum farmer suicides. The passion was to show a ray of light to the distressed farmers in Vidarbha (Maharashtra), the epicentre of farmer suicides.. Living with the farmers, we realised the factual humanitarian reason for their suicides while the world was deliberating on clinical analysis. The passion soon converted to a mission. 

Creation of Cottonguru Maha FPO Federation:

We started with value addition by training farmers for organic and better quality conventional cotton, making clusters for aggregation and marketing. Over the years, this relationship has extended to 100,000+ farmers and 100+ Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs). 

The thought of creating a MahaFPO Federation came after earnest pleas from many FPOs to create a sustainable ecosystem where other FPOs get business and grow 

How Cottonguru MahaFPO Federation helps FPOs/ farmers:

At present there are about 8000 FPOs in India out of which over 4000 are in Maharashtra. But today only about 200-250 FPOs are doing some business and out of them less than 100 FPOs have been making profit for the last 3 years.The main reasons for inefficiency of FPOs are lack of active participation of member farmers, monopoly of directors, lack of experience, lack of capital, lack of linkage with agricultural inputs companies, lack of marketing linkages, etc.

"Cottonguru MahaFPO Federation" registered as a producer Company with FPOs & farmers as shareholders, acts as the market-facing Company which is responsible for value-addition and marketing.


The following services will be provided by "Cottonguru MahaFPO Federation" to its member FPOs / farmers as required:

  •  # Making a sustainable Business plan for FPOs 
  •  # Facilitating marketing linkage with Government as well as private buyers
  •  # Giving updated market reports
  •  # Identifying and preparing for best available Government schemes 
  •  # Linking with banks / finance companies to raise capital
  •  # Negotiating with various fertilizer, seed & agri-equipment companies for maximum discounts
  •  # Training farmers for increasing their yield and quality
  •  # Guiding FPOs in compliance and governance matters
  •  # Helping FPOs to increase farmer loyalty and membership 

 FPOs and farmers can become members and avail the above benefits.

Joyous FPO request to form Cottonguru MahaFPO.docx 

Swagati FPO letter to fom MahaFPO.docx

Cottonguru MahaFPO Federation chart.docx

Cottonguru MahaFPO Registration Certificate.pdf  

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