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"Cottonguru MahaFPO Federation" registered as a producer Company with FPOs & farmers as shareholders, acts as the market-facing Company which is responsible for value-addition and marketing. 

The following services will be provided by "Cottonguru MahaFPO Federation" to its member FPOs and farmers as required:

  •  Making a sustainable Business plan for FPOs 
  •  Facilitating marketing linkage with Government as well as private buyers
  •  Giving updated market reports
  •  Identifying and preparing for best available Government schemes 
  •  Linking with banks / finance companies to raise capital
  •  Negotiating with various fertilizer, seed & agri-equipment companies for maximum discounts
  •  Training farmers for increasing their yield and quality
  •  Guiding FPOs in compliance and governance matters
  •  Helping FPOs to increase farmer loyalty and membership 

 FPOs/Farmers are requested to become members and avail the above benefits

  Cottonguru MahaFPO Federation chart.docx

Cottonguru® conducts regular farmer and FPO training workshops 

across India  so as to make agriculture a profitable profession for the small and marginal farmers. Over the last  years, Cottonguru® has conducted hundreds of such workshops personally meeting over 100,000 farmers across 3500 villages. 

 The agenda of the training workshops includes

  1. Assisting farmers/FPOs in improving their yield and quality
  2. Guiding farmers combat the fatal diseases like Bolrot,Pink Bollworm, white fly ,etc through guidelines, training and counselling.
  3. Assisting the farmers in building marketing linkages simultaneously helping the cotton ginners , spinners and brands to build sustainable supply chains for sourcing Organic, BCI and contamination free cotton.

 Vision of Cottonguru® : Understanding the economics of cotton agriculture for global prosperity





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