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Cottonguru Farmer Training Webinar Series

With vision to Encash the economics of agriculture for global prosperity, we aim at Capacity building of FPOs. This event is supported by BSE & powered by CCI, AICOSIA and all leading Agri-input & finance Cos.

WORLD COTTON DAY (WCD): Indian Organic Cotton Farmers Meet

Since inception of WCD in 2019, Cottonguru has been celebrating it in India along with the farmers and textile industry value chain. On insistence of tribal Organic farmers to celebrate WCD with them, Mr Manish Daga cancelled his trip to Egypt. All India Cotton FPO Association organized “Indian Organic Cotton Farmers Meet”, the first ever Organic Cotton farmers meeting of India on 7th Oct 2022 to celebrate World Cotton Day. Over 500 farmers, most of whom were tribal small holder farmers, attended the meeting. Stalwarts of Textile Industry (Buyers, Brands, Manufacturers, Govt officials, etc) also attended physically and virtually. The motto of the Meet was the declaration of Indian Organic farmers to Brands that “We are ready, when you are”.

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