Textile Brockerage & Trading

Textile Brockerage & Trading

P.R.D. Cottons

Group is associated with cotton trade since 1903.It is managed by fourth generation family members. Our famous ancestor, Shri Narshi Natha, started his cotton business way back in late 19th Century. He was awarded by the British as the most reliable and accomplished cotton grader and supplier.


For Spinning Mills

  • Advice the Mills / importers about appropriate source of cotton as per their requirement.
  • Provide regular market updates and technical support.
  • Identify the geographical region for specified quality cotton supply.
  • Facilitate BCI linkage with farmers, ginners and spinners.
  • Logistics management.

For Ginning Factories

  • CottonGuru® provides guidance on different cotton varieties & parameters such as length, micronaire etc so that ginner will get appropriate value and buyer will get quality cotton.
  • Regular market updates.
  • Guidance on proper ginning and pressing of lint i.e. moisture percentage, minimum contamination, accurate weight of bales, etc.
  • FTrainings, Workshops for BCI Linkages with cotton farmers, ginners and Spinners.
  • Facilitate marketing of low Micronaire cotton for ginners.

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